Auditions are by request - please contact the General Manager at for more information and to schedule a date. Please note: there are no orchestra positions for pianists, guitarists or harpists.


The Senior Niagara Youth Orchestra provides an excellent training ground for young musicians who have had a minimum of two years of private instruction on their instrument. Many NYO musicians continue to pursue professional music careers.  There is a mix of elementary, high school, and some university musicians in this group. 

Senior Audition: Play any major or minor scale, perform two short contrasting pieces (fast and slow, from the same work, or perhaps two movements from a concerto), as well as some sight reading.


The Junior Niagara Youth Orchestra  provides young musicians with the opportunity to develop their skills by working with coaches and the conductor, exposing them to challenging music in both their individual ensemble groups and as an orchestra. 

Junior Audition: Play two contrasting pieces. Scales, minimum two octaves, and sight-reading are required.


Instruments will be provided but the candidate must bring their own sticks and mallets. Please prepare the following: One solo for snare drum demonstrating rhythmic accuracy, dynamics and basic rudiments including rolls. Also perform a long roll from p to f, back to p.; One solo for a mallet instrument on either glockenspiel or xylophone. Major scales up to three flats and three sharps.; One solo for timpani, two drums. Also demonstrate a long roll from p to f and back to p. May be asked to tune pitches by ear. 


No experience or audition is necessary, however musicians must be a minimum of 7 years old to participate. Musicians will be responsible for providing their own instruments (which they can rent from Long & McQuade) and a music stand.